Saying goodbye to a family member | Sylvie’s Session

Jul 6, 2020

Family saying goodbye to a family member, their dog Sylvie.

Saying goodbye to a family member can be one of the hardest things ever… and when my client Rachel texted me late night asking if I’d come to take a few pictures before they put their pup down I knew I had to make it work.

Family saying goodbye to a family member. Human puppy mom cuddling with her dog.

Sylvie was part of the family for over 11 years! During our session she got lots of snuggles, and even her favorite treat, peanut butter!

Family saying goodbye to a family member during a photo shoot of puppy Sylvie. Dog eating peanut butter.

My dad never let me have pets because of how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye to them, and now that I have two of the sweetest cats ever, I wonder how badly my heart will break when they go to cat heaven…

The polaroids were taken by daughter E. Sylvie has been part of the family since before E was even born. I love these black and white photos below…

I know these photos will be greatly treasured! I’m so honored I was able to have this session the day before they said goodbye to Sylvie.

Saying goodbye to a family member is not easy. The circle of life is hard to understand and accept sometimes. Sylvie, you will be forever missed!

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