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Hi there! Welcome to the PMP blog, a journal about my work, life, travels, fashion, and the occasional dessert. Stay a while and say hello!

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The real question today is, are you working from your bed, couch, kitchen table, or an office desk? I know this pandemic has changed all of our lives, and forced us into staying home pretty much 24/7. We are all trying to find a new “normal” we can live with. The so desired “work from […]

Working From Home Tips

Apr 6, 2020


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As it turns out, wedding nightmares are really a thing. From the moment I got engaged and started planning my wedding, I had nightmares about things like the dress not fitting at all and having to wear toilet paper as my wedding gown, a blizzard in May keeping all my guests from showing up, and […]

Why I Splurged on my Wedding Photographer

Feb 26, 2020


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This is my 10th year as a full time photographer, and through the years, I have met, and worked with the most amazing people. Most of them are still my clients and we have become friends. I’ve had “full circle” moments like flying to Missouri to photograph a wedding where the bride had been one […]

I still miss you, come back!

Feb 24, 2020


So I did a thing. I created a whole new blog with all my travel and lifestyle tips! Head on over to Sweet Miss Poly

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Engagement sessions are a lot of fun, but getting there can be stressful. What to wear can be tricky, and you might have a few too many...


Engagement Photo Tips

Read about my transition from corporate world to being my own boss and becoming a full time photographer!

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