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Jun 24, 2020

St. Paul Family Session. Composite of family photos.

St. Paul Family Photographer! Yes, please! It feels so good to be out there photographing families again. I met Tim and Shauna YEARS ago, maybe 10 years? They were having their wedding in Aruba, and hired me to shoot their engagement session. After seeing the photos, they decided to ditch their resort photographer and fly me to Aruba instead!

St Paul Family Session images showing dad and son.

So I spent a few days with them in Aruba, and photographed their beautiful wedding on the beach! I’m so glad we’ve stayed in touch and I’ve been able to photograph their family as they grew from one baby boy, to two! I’ve talked a few times about why I don’t just photograph weddings, and this is why right here.

Boy having fun during St. Paul Family Photo Session.

I love capturing lots of facial expressions of my little clients :-)! I try to ask lots of questions and make the session fun for them. And I’m so glad I have a very fast camera that can capture those cute little smiles, frowns, eye twinkles, jumps, everything!

We definitely play peak-a-boo too! You guys, I wanted to squeeze his little thighs so badly, but I had to contain myself, because of COVID :-(. As my sessions pick up, I’m being extra careful to stay safe, and keep my clients safe. So no hugs, and we try our best to stay 6 feet away from each other.

I loved this St. Paul Family Session so much! And can’t wait to come back for more! And if you’re wondering if I give any assistance in picking out your outfits, I DO!!! I have the best style guide I send to all my clients so you’ll know exactly what to do to look your best! For the kiddos, I love styles from JCrewRalph Lauren, and Gap!

If you’re ready to book your own St. Paul Family Session, contact me here! St. Paul Family Photographer!


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