Why I Splurged on my Wedding Photographer

Feb 26, 2020

As it turns out, wedding nightmares are really a thing. From the moment I got engaged and started planning my wedding, I had nightmares about things like the dress not fitting at all and having to wear toilet paper as my wedding gown, a blizzard in May keeping all my guests from showing up, and the worse of them all, getting my wedding photos back and hating every single one of them! 

Being a wedding photographer myself, photography is one of the most important things for me. I thought that since I work in the industry, I could maybe work out a trade for photography, or an arrangement to save me money, but the moment I started having nightmares about it, well, I knew it wasn’t worth it. So I went all out and splurged, booking the best photographer I personally know. My fiance and I flew him from California to shoot our wedding, and it was the best decision, because I was able to sit back, relax, and know my wedding photos would be perfect. 

So why did I splurge on my wedding photographer? 

1. There’s no redo. If your photos suck, well, you’re stuck with crappy wedding photos for the rest of your life. I decided I’d rather save in other areas, and be sure my wedding pictures were stunning. 

2. It was less work for me. Since I trusted Mike Colon, my photographer, completely, I didn’t have to spend hours upon hours getting photo ideas, or making a photo plan. I knew he was an expert and I didn’t have to worry about anything. 

3. If it rained, snowed, or a tornado hit, I knew my pictures would still be gorgeous. The thing about hiring an experienced photographer is that they’ve been through many situations where they had little or no time to make things happen, and they’ve proven themselves over and over again. They understand their camera and camera settings, they understand different lighting conditions, they understand time management. 

There are savings in life that just aren’t worth it, and in my opinion, photography is one of them! 

These are just a few of my favorite black and white photos of the day. Every single penny I spent… WORTH IT!


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