Christmas in MARCH! | 5 Activities for the never-ending Winter!

Mar 8, 2019

You guys…. we have MORE snow coming this weekend, and it feels like I’m living December 23th over, and over, and over again. Why December 23rd? Because at least on the 24th and 25th there’s some major fun stuff, like celebrating Jesus, the yummy meals, and the gifts. But, no, we are just living December 23rd. And what are we looking forward to? Not Christmas, but SPRING!

So I’m sharing 5 ¬†activities for the never-ending-winter to get us through!

1. “Do you want to build a snowmen?”

Anna and Elsa were right about all the fun you have in the winter time. We’ve had all the snow we need to create the coolest snowmen ever! Such a fun, family activity. And trust me, the kids will thoroughly enjoy the activity. Make a snow angel and have a snow fight while you are at it!

2. Go skiing

Go skiing, or learn how to ski. Learning a new activity can be very rewarding, and it will take you and your family out of the house. Get some hot chocolate and sit by a fire at the end of the day.

3. Embrace the arts

Coloring books, watercolor, finger painting… All those activities can help you spend time with your family, while doing something therapeutic, and fun. There’s a reason you can purchase coloring books for adults. They are AWESOME!

4. Make and indoor (or outdoor) fort

How fun would it be to get creative with building a fort? Imagine a place full of pillows and blankets inside, maybe even twinkle lights? Bring in some books and let the story telling begin! If outdoor, you’ll need to get even more creative!

5. Bake Something

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood involve cooking (and licking spoons). Nowadays you don’t even need to know how to bake, if that’s not your forte. You can buy cookie dough, and make cookies to decorate, you can pie ready made pie crusts, and have fun chopping apples for an apple pie, you can get a baking book, and tell your kip to flip to any page, then try to make whatever it is together! One major bonus in my husband is how well he can cook, and it all comes back to doing it as a boy with his grandma and mom.

Share an activity with ME that you think would be a fun one to get me through this never-ending winter!


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