How to Not Burn Out

Mar 11, 2019

I work in an industry where burning out is common. Often on social media I read about other photographers who are literally one bad day away from giving up. In general, photographers are artists first, and business people second, and in many cases, the business side doesn’t ever really flourish. It can be very frustrating to try to run a business when you don’t grasp what running a business really entails. I also think being self employed looks different for everyone, and being successful looks different for everyone.

I went to school for business, and took as many accounting classes as I could, and I will be honest with you, I’m a business woman first, artist second. I have been a full time photographer for over nine years, and since going full time I have not burned out. I attribute this to working smart, not hard. From the beginning of my career I decided to set limits so my workaholic self would stay in check. Limits such as not shooting more than 15 weddings a year, making sure I don’t work every Saturday, making working on Sundays an exception, and listening to my body.

How to avoid burning out? Listen to your body. Learn to work smarter, learn to outsource the things that make you frustrated. Don’t say yes to every job that comes your way, say yes to work that will make you feel inspired and happy. CHARGE for your time so you feel appreciated. Believe in yourself!

I believe in YOU.





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