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May 22, 2020

Two pictures side by side. The first one is a wall with a wooden letter C. The other picture shows a couple with a newborn baby and a white dog.

This MN Lifestyle Newborn photographer did a happy dance all week!! I can’t even describe how I’m feeling right now as I write this blog post. As of Monday, photographers are allowed to start shooting again, which means I’m back in business! So on Wednesday I showered, actually put on clothes that could be classified as “cute,” and had my very first “people” session since COVID-19 and quarantine.

Three pictures. Two have parents holding a newborn baby and the other one has a decoration with baby’s ultrasound.

I got to meet baby Tatum, who was a whole 3 weeks early in his arrival into the world. He was so good for his session… My only bummer was not being able to hold him during the session. All that baby fever is still burning! But, It was so nice to see that I can do lifestyle newborn sessions and still be safe. I have really transitioned more to this type of newborn session, as opposed to the extremely posed sessions. You can read some reasons why on this post.

Two pictures. One shows newborn lying down and father touching his belly. The other picture shows the parents holding the newborn baby and looking and him.

I wore a mask the ENTIRE time I was at their house, and I think the session went super well! Isn’t baby Tatum just the cutest? I absolutely love the soft colors mom picked for their outfits!

Three pictures. One shows a mother with a newborn baby and a dog. The other one is the baby lying down on a bed. The last picture is the parents holding the baby in their arms.

This quarantine time has been challenging for most of us (I wanted to say “all of us” but I’m guessing some of you unicorns out there are probably nailing it), and I definitely had way too many days where I just sat on my couch and watched Netflix (Dead to Me season 2, anyone?). But I also had many days where my inspiration totally took over, and I created lots of cool things…

Two pictures. One shows a baby lying on a crib. The other is a wooden frame with a writing and photos.

So guess what? A whole new product like is coming your way! I’m dying of excitement, and can’t wait to share with you the new beauties I’ll be offering!

Two pictures. The first one has a man, a woman holding a baby and a dog. The second picture shows a man holding a baby and a woman by his side.

In the meantime, I hope you got yourself a good mask (you know, one that actually stays in place), and that you’re staying safe during this time.

SO MUCH LOVE! I miss you all!

Picture shows a woman holding a baby and a white dog beside them.

MN Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


  1. Marta says:

    Mais una vez vc brilhou, grande Polyana! Vc é motivo de orgulho e seu trabalho nos encanta. Louvo a Deus por isso.

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