Working From Home Tips

Apr 6, 2020

3 pictures, side by side, showing a woman wearing jeans and a white shirt, working on a laptop and driking soda.

The real question today is, are you working from your bed, couch, kitchen table, or an office desk? I know this pandemic has changed all of our lives, and forced us into staying home pretty much 24/7. We are all trying to find a new “normal” we can live with. The so desired “work from home” (WFH) doesn’t feel as appealing anymore, and I know for a lot of my friends navigating it has not been a piece of cake, ‘cause we all love cake, and this, not so much. 

The truth is working from home has been my life for the last decade. And yes, that does make me feel a bit old, but I’d like to think of myself as a work from home “expert.”! Here are 3 tips to hopefully help you master this skill as well. 

Start the day with intention

I know it sounds super tempting to jump from bed, to work, and stay in your pajamas all day long, BUT, that will start blurring some lines for you which will lead to feeling like you’re working all day long. So stick to a routine of “getting ready” for work. Shower, change out of your jammies, eat a nice breakfast, and choose the time you’ll officially “start” your work day. 

Define your workspace area

This one is so important to me. I normally work out of my desk, with TV off (shockingly I don’t watch Netflix all day like you guys think I do), and I focus on work. I keep my couch, and especially my bedroom, as work free areas to make sure when I’m done working, I actually feel like I’m done. 

Time block your day

This is one of my favorite tools for feeling like I’m living a balanced life. I put blocks on my calendar so I have work time, as well, as lunch breaks, and exercise breaks all marked so when I’m focusing on one thing, I’m truly being intentional about my time. 

Don’t forget to to go for a walk, or simply go sit down on your lawn so you can breathe some fresh air, completely technology free. You got this!


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