Poly’s “Under/Over $50” Gift Guide

Dec 20, 2019

Woman sitting on a living room holding gifts and living room has Christmas decorations.

If you’re anything like me, you probably do a LOT of last minute gift shopping, and you probably have Amazon Prime all ready for next day delivery (because who can wait anymore, right?). You might already know this about me, but “Gifts” is one of my top 2 love languages, so I thought I’d share a pretty awesome list of gifts under and over $50, which you can use for Christmas, or, wherever really!

UNDER $50:

  1. These leggings from Amazon (the leopard print OMG!!!)
  2. Adorable velvet headbands (looks just like Leles!)
  3. My favorite Moroccan Oil (The “light” version is for blondes)
  4. A monogram necklace (currently on sale!)
  5. Facial roller (I want to try this!)
  6. This sweater! (Anyone else love all animal print things?)
  7. This Water Bottle (so stinking cute!)

OVER $50:

  1. These leggings I’m drooling over (Runs small, size up, and they have petite!)
  2. The most adorable flats (The black velvet…)
  3. These boots (in glazed pecan!)
  4. Silk Pillowcases (love the caramel color!)
  5. This belt bag (in the Sienna color)

If you are looking to splurge…

  1. This belt!!!
  2. These tennis
  3. The most beautiful sandals (anything from Cult Gaia, really)
  4. This coat! (I’m a sucker for winter coats, if you haven’t noticed)
  5. This travel bag (obsessed)

And Items I already have, but would HIGHLY recommend:

  1. This hair drying brush (it drys my hair in 1/5 of the time!)
  2. The Cocoon, Daphne, or Wrap Coat from Jcrew (obsessed with these!)
  3. These leggings (they go with everything!)
  4. These boots! (I have the regular black, but wish I had the black snake
  5. This supersoft yarn beanie


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