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Oct 7, 2019

It’s FALL!!! I actually really like all seasons, and every time a new season starts, I’m like “yep! this is my favorite!” haha! In all honesty, I think Spring and Summer are my all time fave. I just can’t get enough of the Spring blossoms, and there’s something magical about Summer. BUT, Fall is definitely a season with a lot of my favorite things, like oversized sweaters, adult fuzzy onesies, all sorts of baking, pies and cookies, hot chocolate…

AND, I get to see so many of my clients come September and October! I think my MN clients just love getting photos once the temperatures drop a little bit! One of my tips right now is to make sure to bring treats (did you spot the marshmallows above??), and blankets (we can get cozy for photos!), and jackets for walking…

I’m finally going to try to catch up on my blogging, so stay tuned for lots more sessions coming up!


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