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35 before 35!

Jun 3, 2019

I can’t believe we’re half way into 2019, and my birthday is right around the corner. I’m turning 33, and feeling like I’m top of the world. I love lists, so I decided to make a somewhat aggressive list of 35 items to complete before I turn 35, which gives me about two years. Aggressive because I’m nowhere near being able to do a handstand, and I’m so afraid of fish I’m not sure I’d survive a surf lesson, but having a list gives me motivation… I started the list at the beginning of the year, which is why 4 items have already been crossed off.

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  2. Visit the Clementinum Library in Prague – Completed on April 2019
  3. Have a baby 
  4. Move to a different house
  5. Decorate a nursery
  6. Go back to Australia
  7. Take a surf lesson
  8. Swim at the Great Barrier Reef
  9. Bathe an elephant 
  10. Visit Thailand
  11. Have a spa day in Thailand
  12. Hold a Koala Bear – Completed on March 2019
  13. Feed Kangaroos – on March 2019
  14. Walk on a black sand beach
  15. See the Northern Lights
  16. Create a family logo
  17. Learn to sew
  18. Work on a pottery wheel
  19. Take a macaroon class
  20. Go back to Paris
  21. Take a train somewhere
  22. Go to Hamilton (preferably in New York)
  23. Go back to New York 
  24. Get a Caricature Drawing by a Street Artist
  25. Visit Joshua Tree Park 
  26. Visit Yellow Stone
  27. Visit Horseshoe Bend 
  28. Visit Antelope Canyon
  29. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant – Completed on April 2019 in Iceland, and in Prague
  30. Go on my 8th cruise
  31. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
  32. Take a photo every day for a month
  33. Visit Hawaii
  34. Visit Chicago
  35. Learn how to do a handstand


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