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My Dirty 30!


August 1, 2016


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Hi there! Welcome to the PMP blog, a journal about my work, life, travels, fashion, and the occasional dessert. Stay a while and say hello!

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Romper: Zara | Floppy hat: Steve Madden | Calf Hair Loafers: JCrew

I’m turning 30 TOMORROW and I’m on my way to Florida for some celebrating! I have to be honest and say when I was younger I thought 30 was “old.” I thought when I turned 30 I would be married, with kids, working a corporate job… Well, neither of those are true. I’m not married (not even engaged), I don’t have kids, and as it turns out, I’m self employed and wouldn’t it have it any other way. Truth is, I like this reality way more. 

Here’s what I wish I could have told the younger me: “you’re not going to have it all figured out by 30, and that’s ok. You will actually feel more like a teenager than an adult at times. You’re still going to get hungover, because you’re still going to be going out to drink. You’re going to have moments when you really want to throw a fit because life isn’t fair at 30 either. Although you’ll be addicted to macarons (sweet pastry you will discover at 27), your addiction to yoga will help your body out. Learn to drink more water earlier because doing it later in life sucks. You’ll make LOTS of mistakes in your twenties, but by the end of that decade you will have learned some really cool lessons. Even if you don’t like pets now, you will fall in love with cats in your mid twenties. Stay strong, it is true that things happen for a reason. You’ll get your heart broken, like destroyed, but it WILL make you STRONGER and ready for real love in your late twenties. You will not be married or have kids by 30, but you will also have a lot less wrinkles than you thought.”

And well, here are 30 things you might not know about me: 

  1. I like my water room temperature, and always ask for “no ice” at restaurants.
  2. I think my eyes are too big for my face.
  3. My favorite body part is my lips.
  4. I’ve never smoked pot (although if I go to Amsterdam I’d like to try it)
  5. I have 4 tattoos, or 5 depending on how you look at it.
  6. I get excited about long flights. I just love the movie options and reading magazines and books without feeling like I should be working
  7. If I could look like someone else I would choose Blake Lively.
  8. I ate Nutella for the first time at 28, in London. Now it’s an addiction.
  9. I like going to the movies by myself in the middle of the day and hope to be the only one there.
  10. I had a ballet scholarship for 4 years as a teenager.
  11. I’m double jointed and can make the coolest hand tricks.
  12. My all time favorite shows are Sex and the City and Friends.
  13. I wore braces twice in my life, as a teen and as an adult.
  14. I have tiny feet (5.5).
  15. I love to parallel park.
  16. I sleep in a bra every night.
  17. I didn’t like Adele’s last CD.
  18. I can’t pull off bangs or red hair.
  19. I have misophonia. It’s brutal!
  20. I like watching cheesy hallmark movies.
  21. I faint at the sight of blood.
  22. When I get really excited I clap my hands really fast.
  23. I can’t watch scary movies at all.
  24. I collect old books and try to find new ones every time I travel.
  25. I’m obsessed with monogram mugs.
  26. When I find a good book I can’t put it down! I’ve read till the crack of dawn many times.
  27. I’ve been told numerous times my bark sounds exactly like a dog’s.
  28. 28 was my hardest birthday ever. It was the first time I felt old.
  29. I didn’t eat wheat bread or salad until I was 27.
  30. I’ve lost more keys that anyone I know!

I hope you’re rocking whatever age you are! Cheers to turning 30! 


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