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5 Questions your shouldn’t Ask Your Friend Who Just Got Engaged


April 17, 2019


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I still remember the day I got proposed to like it was yesterday! We were hiking in Arizona, the weather a killer 104 degrees… I felt over and over like I was going to faint. But, it was all worth it once he dropped to one knee and made me the happiest girl ever! Looking back I almost wish I had waited maybe an entire day before sharing the news, but I was so excited I called my family, sent out snapchats and texts to my friends, and in response I got bombarded with questions I didn’t really want to answer at the time (because hello, I wanted to just enjoy the moment), or didn’t know the answer to.

I decided to share five questions that I believe people should stop asking their friends immediately after they get engaged. Why? Because honestly I don’t think most people have a clue right away, and it adds some real stress to get things figured out right away.

So here it is, the 5 Questions you shouldn’t ask your friend who just got engaged!

1. When is the Wedding/Did you set a date yet? 

Well, I have no idea. As in, NONE. I just got engaged. I wish I had an answer too…

2. What kind of wedding are you having? 

Church wedding, Golf Course wedding, destination wedding? Some people dream about a certain type their entire lives, but I would images most people don’t have a clue. The question adds the stress of having to get it all figure out right away.

3. What kind of dress are you wearing? 

I had a secret “Wedding” Pinterest board with all types of wedding dresses, but I also didn’t have a clue until I actually went out and tried some on. I wonder if most brides-to-be know exactly what kind of dress they want before they get engaged…. I sure didn’t!

4. Who will be your photographer? 

This question is maybe specific to me, since I’m a photographer, but this was, hands down, one of the hardest questions for me. I had no idea… And it was one of my last decisions because I couldn’t decide. I did put my money where my mouth is and hired one of the best photographers EVER! We flew him in from California, and it was so worth it!

5. Are you happy?

This one was a weird one to me. Of course I’m happy, my dream man just proposed to me! Just don’t ask this question, it’s dumb.


That’s it! And I would just say not to ask too much within 72 hours of the couple getting engaged, after that, ask away, as they’ve probably talked about it!


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I'm Poly and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about photography, life, my travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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