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3 Tips for Natural Smiles

Jan 14, 2019

I get asked all the time what my trick is to get the natural smiles from my clients, and over and over I tell them to NOT ask their children to say “cheese.” Saying cheese will result in the cheesiest of smiles, so I thought I’d share 3 tips for natural smiles with you guys today!

1. Ask Questions!

Children LOVE attention, and asking them questions will eventually get some really good smiles! Use this trick with children one, and older. Using a higher pitched voice also makes you sound excited, which makes the kids excited as well.

2. The TICKLE trick!

In slow motion, make a “claw” shape with your hand, and get closer and closer to the child, finishing with ticking them! I always get lots of smiles, and do this maybe 5 times in a row. This works so well, and I’ve had kids try to tickle me back as a result too!

3. The BARK trick!

Oh my goodness this one is so awesome! I would highly recommend not staring with this one, and making sure you’ve asked some questions, maybe tickled the child, etc, before trying this one. But I love barking at kids like a dog! First I get a surprised look, with big eyes, then laughter usually follows… Works 8 out of 10 times :-). If it’s a really shy child it might be too scary, so just feel out the vibe before unleashing your inner dog…

Hope you use my tips next time you want to get a good photo of your child! And please, no more cheese!


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